Primary Loan Servicing

Westlake Portfolio Management (WPM) Primary Servicing provides new and existing financial companies, credit unions, or investors an industry leading, full-spectrum servicing team at lower costs and proven results compared to an in-house servicing department.

WPM can handle your customer service, collections, title administration, remarketing, repossessions, reporting, and more!

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    • Cutting edge technology to streamline collections, reporting, applications, and more
    • WPM is scalable & expandable, no matter the size of your portfolio
    • Servicing portfolios from deep subprime to prime credit spectrums
    • Customized strategy & servicing platform to best serve your business

    Lower Operational Costs

    WPM utilizes Westlake Financial's servicing scale & industry partnerships to efficiently manage all aspects of the loan servicing process—all to lower operational costs for your business.

    Innovative Technology

    Our software provides customized servicing solutions for your portfolio. Using custom, proprietary collections software, WPM has created the most effective servicing strategy in the industry.

    Industry Experience

    Leveraging Westlake Financial's 30+ years of industry experience to achieve optimal results, WPM has assisted many major banks and private equity with the transfer of their loan portfolios.

    Proven Results

    With a strong history of portfolio improvement after servicing transfer, WPM has among the lowest delinquencies in the industry.

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      Portfolios we service

      • Auto Loans
      • Unsecured Loans
      • Title Loans
      • Auto Lease
      • Medical Loans
      • Small Business
      • Buy Now Pay Later
      • And more!